Name: Myron Tornesakis

Nationality:  Hellenic; Born: October 13, 1976, in Athens.

Education: 1994 Athens High School, Pallini, 1998 - 2003; Computer Technical Engineer – Technical University in Peristeri Attikis.

Wushu Education: 2017 4th Duan in European Wushu Federation; 2016 5th Duan in Traditional Shaolin KungFu in Chinese Shaolin Association; 2014 Judge Grade ‘B’ IWUF ; 2016 Judge Grade ‘A’ in EWUF; 2016 5th Duan in Hellenic Wushu Federation ; 2005 – 2007 total period 18 months training in Guangxi China Wushu University; 2005 Wushu Kung Fu Panhellenic Coaches Training and diploma in Hellenic Wushu Federation;

Family: Married Nazli Elisavet, 2008; one daughter, Eftyhia, and one son, Thiseas. 

Career as Athlete : 2007 9th World Wushu Championship Beijing China  23th place NanQuan 26th place NanGun; 2006 11th European Championship Lignano Italy 7th place NanDao  9th place NanQuan ; 2005 8th World Wushu Championship Hanoi Vietnam 26th place NanQuan 23th place NanGun 23th place NanDao; 2004 10th European Championship Moscow Russia 6th place NanDao 7th place NanGun 11th place NanQuan; 2003 7th World Wushu Championship Macao  17th place NanGun  35th place NanQuan; 2002 9th European Championship Portugal 8th place NanDao 7th place NanGun  9th place NanQuan; 1998-2007 staidly at 1st place in Pan Hellenic Championships at southern traditional styles and  nan styles in modern wushu; 1993 starts training Wushu in Chalandri Athens

Carreer : 2008 – 2017 Head of  Organizing Committee for the Pan Hellenic Championships (total 9 championships) and for Internal Championships (total 17 championships) ; 2012 – 2017 Head Coach in Hellenic Wushu Team for modern Taolu ;  Participate as International Judge  2008 12th European Championship Warsaw  Poland ; 2010 13th European Championship Antalya Turkey; 2012 14th European Championship Tallin Estonia ; 2014 15th European Championship Bucharest Romania  ; 2015 13th World Wushu Championship Jakarta Indonesia ; 2016 16th European Championship Moscow Russia ; 2017 4th Traditional European Championship Tbilisi Georgia ; 2017 14th World Wushu Championship Kazan Russia       
Awards: 2001 2nd best Athlete in Chinese Martial Arts , magazine ‘Path of  Warrior’ Athens Greece ;  2002 1st  best Athlete in Chinese Martial Arts , magazine ‘Path of Warrior’ Athens Greece ; 2007 Honor Award as Athlete in Hellenic Wushu Federation; 2015 Honor Award for his support about Wushu Development in Hellenic Wushu Federation ; 2016 European  Hall of  Fame Award for Wushu Development in Greece.

Member:  2008 – 2016 President of  Technical Committee in Hellenic Wushu Federation ; 2016 Member of  Executive Board of  Hellenic Wushu Federation ; 2015 Technical Manager in International Meihua Federation , Florida U.S.A. 

 --Chalandri, Agiou Georgiou 41, Athens, 15232, Greece
Last Update:  7 November 2017

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